Diamond Mowers Launches New Skid Steer Mulcher

The latest addition to the lineup of mulching attachments from Diamond Mowers is the drum mulcher DC Pro. Utilizing their excavator drum mulcher platform, this new attachment has been optimized for use with skid steers and compact track loaders up to 75 horsepower.

For a variety of consumers, the Drum Mulcher DC Pro serves as an additional resource for all their mulching needs. What sets it apart is its lighter weight of 1,350 pounds and a powerful 63cc, two-speed bent-axis piston motor. This high-torque hydraulic motor allows the DC Pro to quickly spool up and deliver more force to effectively power through larger materials.

With a cutting width of 50 inches, this attachment can easily navigate through trees, brush, and even mulch up to 8 inches in diameter. According to Diamond Mowers, the depth control drum features a forward exposure that ensures optimal tree engagement and maximum cut width relative to its weight. Additionally, a sturdy chassis protects the motor from ground impact while providing better stability for operators when manipulating downed material for efficient mulching purposes.

With an extended serrated push bar, the DC PRO mulcher offers superior control over materials. Diamond Mowers stands by their product’s optimized infeed system as the feature that sets it apart from competing mulchers. By exposing the forward drum, this unit allows for increased tree engagement and sweeps material from left to right, resulting in potential productivity gains with each pass. The Twin Chisel planer teeth ensure thorough processing of material within the chamber, producing aesthetically pleasing chip sizes without requiring further reprocessing.

For varying terrains, different tooth options are available for use with the DC PRO mulcher. The Twin Maul carbide teeth are designed specifically for rough and rocky terrain while four-point hardened steel teeth are better suited for high-production environments. These options allow users to tailor their mulching experience based on their specific needs and environment, ensuring efficient and effective results every time.

Quick Specs

With a cutting width of 50 inches and a cut capacity of 8 inches, this machine is able to handle even the toughest jobs with ease. Weighing in at 1,350 pounds, it is sturdy and reliable for any project. Its flow requirement of 16-30 gallons per minute ensures efficient operation while remaining compatible with up to 75 horsepower. And with a generous warranty period of two years, customers can be confident in their purchase knowing that they are getting a quality product backed by our guarantee.

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