Yanmar’s New Compact Excavators: More Powerful and Comfortable

With the release of its newest mini excavator models, Yanmar Compact Equipment has introduced a new era of efficiency and comfort. The ViO80-7 and SV100-7 boast improved hydraulic capabilities, enhanced cab features, and simplified maintenance procedures compared to their predecessors.

Designed for versatility on compact jobsites, both models are well-suited for a variety of projects including utility work, construction tasks, demolition projects, residential builds, and landscaping endeavors. The ViO80-7’s zero tailswing feature allows for rotation near structures with reduced risk of impact while the larger SV100-7 boasts an ultra-tight tailswing with minimal overhang.

According to Buck Storlie, product manager at Yanmar Compact Equipment North America, these machines were completely redesigned with the operator and service departments in mind. This ensures that not only will they perform efficiently on the job site but also provide ease-of-use and convenience during maintenance operations.

Cab Comfort

Improved comfort and functionality are the hallmarks of the upgraded cabs in the new excavator models. With features such as suspension seats, ergonomic foot pedals, and a wider cab space, operators will notice significant differences in their working experience.

The increased glass area not only enhances visibility for operators but also allows for better monitoring of the jobsite. Additionally, the inclusion of automatic air conditioning and extra USB ports make it easier for operators to stay connected on site.

In terms of maintenance and refueling, the design of these cabins has been carefully considered to simplify these tasks. The engine bay is now easily accessible, while cab hoods open up to provide access to essential components like generators and valves. These machines also come equipped with a water-contamination detection system for added convenience. And with its 67-horsepower Yanmar Tier 4 Final diesel engine, the 18,122-pound ViO80-7 offers an impressive increase in power compared to its predecessor.

Performance Upgrades

With increased performance being one of the main goals for Yanmar, their two newest models have not disappointed. The ViO80-7, weighing in at 18,122 pounds, boasts a significant increase in power thanks to its new 67-horsepower Tier 4 Final diesel engine. Meanwhile, the slightly heavier SV100-7 utilizes a larger 72-horsepower Tier 4 Final diesel engine.

Not only do these machines offer improved engine output and hydraulics, but they also provide operators with an impressive 20% higher PTO flow rate for better attachment performance. To make switching attachments even easier and more efficient, both models feature a standard double locking quick hitch that can be controlled from within the cab.

This eliminates the need for manual locks or fasteners while ensuring secure attachment retention. Along with these enhancements comes noticeable increases in work speed (15%), fuel consumption savings (13%) and slope travel speed (25%). Additionally, Yanmar has equipped both excavators with their new 2-Pump Load Sensing hydraulic system which optimizes pump flow under high loads and saves on fuel consumption by utilizing only necessary amounts of flow rate. For grading purposes, both models come equipped with a floating blade function to ensure accurate results every time.

New Technology

The latest updates to Yanmar’s ViO80-7 and SV100-7 models introduce a range of advanced technologies. A new 7-inch color LCD screen allows operators to easily access important machine information and options in one place. These options include features such as PTO flow rate adjustment, Auto-Decel mode, and a convenient passcode lockout feature.

In addition, the machines come equipped with standard rearview and right-side cameras that are displayed side-by-side on the monitor. This helps eliminate blindspots for enhanced safety while operating the equipment. For even greater visibility, an optional Surround View feature displays a 360-degree view on the operator’s display.

Included with both models is Yanmar’s SmartAssist Remote telematics system, which comes free for five years on qualifying machines. The system offers integrated theft protection, maintenance notifications, real-time operational status updates, and daily work reports. It also provides regular maintenance reminders and tracks performance to keep owners informed about their machine’s condition.

Quick Specs

The ViO80-7 is a powerful piece of equipment, with a weight of 18,122 lbs and an engine boasting 67 hp from its Yanmar Tier 4 diesel. Its impressive dig depth of 14 ft. 3 in. makes it suitable for a variety of tasks, ensuring efficiency and productivity on the job site. The machine also comes with a reliable warranty of 4 years or up to 4,000 hours from bucket-to-counterweight, providing peace of mind for its users. With zero tailswing, this versatile machine can maneuver easily in tight spaces without causing any disruptions to surrounding areas. Overall, the ViO80-7 is a top-performing option for those seeking high-quality and dependable equipment for their projects.

With a weight of 21,385 lbs and powered by a 72 hp Yanmar Tier 4 diesel engine, the SV100-7 boasts impressive capabilities. Its dig depth reaches up to 14 ft.11 in., allowing for efficient excavation processes. The machine’s ultra-tight tailswing contributes to its versatility and maneuverability on job sites. Buyers can rest assured with its 4-year/4,000-hour bucket-to-counterweight warranty, providing peace of mind for extended use. Overall, the SV100-7 is a reliable and powerful option for various construction projects.

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